Light resistance par excellence

UV stabilizers by LUVOBATCH® are the perfect protection for thermoplastic resins. Our products in the field of UV protection offer a variety of benefits such as the avoidance of discolorations, colour stability, a lack of inherent colour and a low tendency to migrate.

Absorbers, HALS, quenchers

Owing to its high energy value, UV radiation can destroy polymers in a very short time – particularly when acting in conjunction with harmful environmental factors. Surfaces become matt and form chalky deposits, with cracks and decomposition following. Masterbatches by LUVOBATCH® offer a number of solutions that can be adjusted to coordinate with each other in order to combat this problem: UV absorbers, HALS (hindered amine light stabilizers) and quenchers. The absorbers filter the harmful components of light and transform them into heat. HALS prevent the reactions of photoxidation products such as peroxides and radicals on surfaces and in deeper layers. Quenchers deactivate the harmful radicals.

We bring light in to your business

LUVOBATCH® is characterized by a comprehensive product range dealing with the topic of "light resistance". Ecological and economic considerations go hand in hand in this respect. Come and talk to us now.

You can obtain further information on film masterbatches in our product brochure.