Everything runs more smoothly with LUVOBATCH®

Influence the gliding characteristics of your film with additives that optimize the external (tribological) slip behaviour.

Fast-running processes

External lubricants do not form any compounds with the polymer – they are conveyed to the surface by migration and create an invisible yet persistent ‘lubricating film’. Fast-running processes are adversely affected by high coefficients of friction. We lower your coefficient of friction.

A broad spectrum of options

LUVOBATCH® also guarantees a smooth process where lubricants are concerned. This not only applies to your subsequent production operations but also to the creation and production of your personal lubricant formulation. The more precisely we know your application, the better we will also be able to optimize your demanding extrusion processes by selectively adapting the formulation.

You can obtain further information on film masterbatches in our product brochure.