For function and safety

Cars, aircraft and trains should be as safe and comfortable as possible while at the same making efficient use of energy. Masterbatches for new materials support lightweight construction techniques, functionality and safety. We will be pleased to give you active support in developing new materials, components or parts – including the use of new masterbatches developed only for you and the conducting of trials on our pilot plants.

Flame retardants and blowing agents for the interior

A key aspect in the world of transport is flame protection. All parts installed on the interior of cars, aircraft and trains (e.g. luggage racks, grab handles, seats shells, etc.) have to comply with stringent fire protection regulations. In addition, plastics also have to be protected against bleaching or ageing due to the effect of light, and, to deal with this, a large range of (combined) masterbatches is available at LUVOBATCH®.

To ensure a pleasant and high-quality feel to surfaces, e.g. on the inside of a car, we offer blowing agent masterbatches that have been tested and improved over decades.

Weight savings and effective insulation

Plastics in the car, in trains and aircraft have to be especially light yet nevertheless tough in order to save fuel. By adding blowing agents, you achieve a host of further properties that are of great interest for these industries. Plastic foams also provide good insulation for noise and heat. Join us to select your best blowing agent – for optical effects, heat and noise insulation or for savings in weight.