Safety and functionality for packaging

The packaging industry places especially high and varied demands on the plastics used. In food packaging, aesthetically pleasing surfaces are just as in demand as functionality and food safety. In the automated processing of large quantities, a crucial factor in making the right selection and combination of lubricants and antiblock additives involves achieving the optimum processing characteristics of the plastic.

This is where LUVOBATCH® masterbatches provide diverse and tailor-made solutions. UV absorbers, antifog and antistatic additives offer further options, which are available individually or in specific combinations. Additionally, the new product series of extrudable hot-meltsMLTACKTM, enables packaging to be reclosable and thereby offers the consumers increased convenience and food to stay fresh longer.

Through our expertise in film production, supported by joint trials in our pilot plant for film, we help you to optimize your products and the production process.

Safety and a flawless appearance

In food or transport packaging, masterbatches are responsible for enhancing shelf life, reducing germs, optimizing weight and preventing the fogging of films. Both protection of goods and aesthetic packaging are at the centre of our considerations and represent challenges that we are able to manage with antifog additives, blowing agents, anti-corrosion inhibitors or other additives. Exchange ideas with our specialists!

My word, that looks tasty

Important factors in the packaging of foods are optimization of shelf life, germ reduction and also the avoidance of clouded films by means of antifog. Only special masterbatches with approved additives allow the film to be used in food packaging. The strict regulations imposed by the EU; BfR or FDA for food packaging are observed and the quality of our products is monitored by permanent tests.

Masterbatches for the pharmaceutical sector

Producers of packaging for syringes, cannulae or catheters have to comply with strict regulations. These packages may only be produced from materials listed in the European Pharmacopoeia Monographs 3.1.3 and 3.1.6. In addition to PE or PP as the base material, the regulations merely permit specific antiblock and lubricant additives. Within its LUVOBATCH® series, Lehmann&Voss&Co. offers approved additive masterbatches for packaging films in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

Available products are antiblock masterbatches, lubricant masterbatches and combi-batches in individually adjustable concentrations.

Efficient production

Processing aids are very important in the plastics processing industry as a means of ensuring uninterrupted and fast production. Fluoropolymers have been used for process optimization in the processing of polyolefins and other polymers for a number of years. Aids such as this prevent melt fracture and sharkskin. In addition, the formation of specks and gel particles is reduced or prevented entirely due to the lower level of adhesion of the base material to the extruder and to the tool.

LUVOBATCH® supplies a large selection of masterbatches with many additive combinations and concentrations.

Undesired effects often also occur in the processing of barrier materials such as polyamide and EVOH, which have an adverse effect on the quality or the process. A fatal problem here is that these materials often represent only a fraction of the layer thickness of the semi-finished good (film, tube, sheet) but are generally a crucial factor on the cost side. Defective sites in the barrier layers of multilayer system can rapidly lead to increased scrap. In order to make your multilayer film production more economical, we have developed innovative products that significantly simplify the processing of the barrier materials polyamide and EVOH and minimize defects.

For instance, LUVOBATCH® PA PPA 9659 is based on a highly viscous PA6 substrate and is suitable for a large number of polyamides.

LUVOBATCH® EVOH PPA 5157 is a hitherto unique speciality based on an EVOH containing 32 mole per cent of ethylene and is suitable for use in all common EVOH grades with an ethylene content of between 29 and 44 mole per cent.

The trials between prominent producers of films, sheets and tubes have shown the desired product and process optimization in all applications. Success has been achieved in increasing productivity and reducing costs. An additional factor contributing to the lowering of costs is that LUVOBATCH® EVOH PPA 5157 exhibits significantly improved machine operating characteristics in the helix mandrel, which permits thinner EVOH layers without fault patterns.