Blowing agent masterbatches

Blowing agents are used primarily to foam plastics and therefore reduce their weight. Other advantages include improved thermal and sound insulation as well as lower impact sensitivity – properties that are extremely valuable especially for plastic parts in automotive and aircraft construction.

LUVOBATCH® offers you masterbatches both with endothermic and exothermic blowing agents. With endothermic blowing agents, heat is applied to produce environmentally neutral gas. Many of the endothermic blowing agents we use are approved for use with food products and can be used safely for packaging solutions. Exothermic blowing agents are the ideal solution when the aim is to obtain an extremely high gas yield. The special cell-forming properties of our nucleating agents help to achieve a uniform and fine foam structure both with chemical and physical foaming.

Our expertise in process engineering makes us one of the leading providers worldwide when it comes to blowing agent masterbatches, since blowing agents place such strict requirements on development and production.

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