Blown and cast film

Whether in agriculture, construction or the food industry – the modern economy would be scarcely conceivable without the use of plastic films. Blown and cast film procedures are the most widely used processing methods when it comes to manufacturing these films. The film structure ranges from single-layer films to complex multi-layer films.

Different polymers are processed and enriched with additives to produce visual properties, such as transparency and gloss, or functional properties such as barrier coatings and tensile strength. LUVOBATCH® offers you a wide range of masterbatches for optimizing the films and the processing procedure. Different substrate materials are used including LDPE, PP, PA, or PETG. We can also optimize your formulations in cooperation with you if required and produce the corresponding masterbatches. We have our own blown film line in our in-house technical center, which we can use to carry out tests.

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Our products for film production:

Blowing agent

Flame retardant

Functional masterbatches

Hot melts