Perfect protection through antioxidants

These highly developed masterbatches prevent any damage to the plastic due to UV radiation or heat. Decomposition reactions due to free radicals that damage the polymer chains are impressively restricted by LUVOBATCH®.

Radical scavengers and decomposers

The use of radical scavengers and antioxidants reduces loss of gloss, discolorations and functional limitations such as chalking and embrittlement.

A broad range for thermal stabilization

We put together masterbatches for all applications: whether for sheet and film extrusion, blow moulding, injection moulding, profiles or fibre extrusion. Our range covers processing aids, alkaline stabilization and long-term thermal stabilization products as well as metal deactivating agents. As a matter of course, we will also be pleased to offer your combinations of several additives in one combi-batch in order to meet your requirements.

You can obtain further information on film masterbatches in our product brochure.