Easy separation of plastic and metal

Whether for plastic or hot melt, separating plastics becomes effortless thanks to LUVOBATCH® release agents. The use of our highly advance additive masterbatches allows metal and polymers or two films to be separated cleanly. Precise coordination means that the remaining properties of the plastic are not affected at all or only to an insignificant degree.

Countering all resistance

Excess adhesion of plastic components in the tool during mould removal obstructs the production process and incurs additional costs. This is where we come in with our specially developed, highly effective and compatible release agents: we supply individual, cost-effective solutions so that you can be sure of smooth processing.

Our service: comprehensive individual preliminary tests

We shall be pleased to conduct exhaustive trials with your product to find out whether use of the masterbatches has any undesired effects, what form these will take and how they can be minimized or avoided via adaptations to the formulation or process. This enables our specialists to enter into a dialogue and determine the most cost-effective alternatives for you.