Keep food fresh longer, reducing food waste

Are you looking to reduce food waste? Reclose functionality in packaging applications offers consumers increased convenience and enables food to stay fresh longer in home refrigerators. MLTACKTM 1), a joint development between LUVOBATCH®, the masterbatch division within the LEHVOSS Group and Mitsui & Co., Europe, is a new product series of extrudable hot-melt adhesives for reclosable packaging applications.


Maximized functionality, easy processing

The MLTACKTM series is a range of easy-to-handle and easy-to-process hot-melt adhesives for reclose functionality in multi-layer film structures. Ideally used in blown-film technology, the products can be combined with both PE and PP, as well as PET.

The resins have been optimized to enable storage for months at slightly elevated temperatures, without clumping of the granules. Furthermore, the low MFI makes the resins easily and reliably extrudable even in very complex film structures. Yet the reclose forces in e.g. MLTACKTM 5263 are high enough to open and reclose a pack 10 times.

Reliable quality

All products in the MLTACKTM  series are food approved and can safely be used in food packaging. Please contact us for further details on regulatory compliance.

1) For sale and use in Europe only