Effectively counteracting electrostatics

Hydrophilic additives migrate independently to the surface and bond water molecules to form a film that wets the surface of the plastic. The resulting antistatic effect acts on materials such as films, plastic packaging and plastic fibres. If migrating constituents are not wanted or permitted in the film, we offer you masterbatches on the basis of permanent antistatic agents.

Fighting dust and sparks

Dust attraction and spark discharge – a frequent and often problematic annoyance in the production and transport process. The resistances on the surfaces of plastics lead to insulating properties, with electrostatic charge build-up being the result. This can result in contact discharge and even fires. We have developed masterbatches that effectively prevent this.

Let’s develop together

In our pilot plant we offer you the option of developing the perfect solution for your requirements for conductive materials in a process of direct and comprehensive exchange with us. Simply contact us and tell us what you want. Together we will develop your personal optimum!

You can obtain further information on film masterbatches in our product brochure.