We provide clarity

Are you looking for additives to prevent fogging on clear packaging? LUVOBATCH® offers specially developed antifogging agents which are also suitable for direct contact with food. The result always shows your product in the best light.

Antifog for food packaging

Moist fresh produce, such as meat and fruit, is largely bought on the basis of its visual appearance. Supermarket customers use their eyes to convince themselves that the food is fresh. Transparent foil packaging is therefore a must. Yet clouded foil will quickly cause customers to doubt its freshness. Antifog masterbatches by LUVOBATCH® ensure that a thin transparent film of water forms instead of droplets (condensation). This is of special concern for fresh goods.

Fresh stays fresh

Our masterbatches for food contact undergo extensive testing and are suitable for packaging food. Even when the material is subjected to temperature fluctuations and stored in the cooling chain for several days, there is no migration of constituents of the masterbatch to the food.

Note: According to European food legislation, this has to be demonstrated on every package design.

With full transparency

Thanks to a film extruder in our in-house pilot plant, we at LUVOBATCH® can also provide you with active support in the production of multilayer films. On request, we will carry out test production runs on our machines and thus optimize the additive content of our masterbatches fully in line with your requirements.

You can obtain further information on film masterbatches in our product brochure.