New, very highly loaded endothermic blowing agent masterbatches with exceptionally fine cell structure

The requirements for thermoplastic foam injection moulding and foamed extrusion parts are becoming more and more extensive. Properties such as weight reduction, haptics, surface quality, dimensional stability, food approval and much more play an increasingly important role. Lehmann&Voss&Co. has made this its business and developed a range of very highly loaded endothermic blowing agent masterbatches. The new products can be used with very low dosages (from 0.1%). For example, LUVOBATCH PE BA 5821 shows excellent surface quality in extrusion and injection moulding applications and LUVOBATCH PE BA 5823 produces an exceptionally fine cell structure. These products are free of azodicabonamide (ADC) and can therefore be used in foamed applications with subsequent food contact.

Due to their high gas yield, these masterbatches can also be used as alternatives to ADC masterbatches. The batches are offered either as strand or micro pellets.