Additive Masterbatches for 'clear' advantages in film production

The film extrusion of today is highly dependent on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Good additive masterbatches can make a major contribution to improve film extrusion. Development and manufacturing of these products have been one of our core competencies for many years. Our portfolio includes standard solutions as well as many individual developments. Herewith we would like to draw your attention to four highly efficient additive masterbatches:

Our LUVOBATCH PE PPA 5313 is a processing aid on an LLDPE carrier. By forming a lubricating film on the inside of the extruder barrel, screw, die and die head, the friction level is reduced and a more homogeneous melt is created. The product is particularly suitable for continuous extrusion processes such as blown film, sheet and pipe extrusion with a maximum temperature of 240°C.

LUVOBATCH PE PPA 5313 brings you many advantages:

  • Higher productivity due to higher throughput rates and less cleaning
  • Wider processing window (lower temperature and pressure)
  • Better optical properties in transparent films (e.g. better gloss)
  • Better bubble stability for blown films

LUVOBATCH PE AS 5354 contains a synergistic mixture of highly effective antistatic agents. It is an antistatic long-term masterbatch for application in LDPE and LLDPE blown films. The antistatic effect considerably improves the processability of thin films on fast running automatic packaging machines. Thanks to the low dosages required, the printing, adhesive and sealing properties are hardly affected.

As antiblock masterbatch we would like to introduce the highly filled LUVOBATCH PE AB 5337 for use in LDPE and LLDPE films. It is bringing substantial anti-blocking for film thicknesses from 50 to 200 µm even at a dosage of 0.5-2 %. Often a mixture with a lubricant is necessary to obtain the desired anti-blocking behavior. Our LUVOBATCH PE SA/AB 5331, which combines the properties of a synthetic anti-block and a slip agent, is very suitable for achieving a desired CoF. The product is used for LDPE and LLDPE films and avoids blocking during stacking and rolling. When used, it also provides easy opening and better sliding of film tubes without affecting transparency. Another main application is the finishing of shrink films to avoid core blocking on large reels and to achieve good tube opening and coating qualities.

We would be pleased to send you detailed technical information and free samples to test the effect on your equipment.

We hope that the products have aroused your interest and look forward to hearing from you.