Join us to build on quality

A long service life is extremely important in the field of construction and material safety. In some applications, plastics and films have to last for decades. Static discharges are unwanted effects that have to be avoided. With our sights set on your requirements, we offer individually suitable solutions with high effectiveness and ease of handling – such as tailor-made combi-batches with special combinations of additives.

Films for optimizing energy use in buildings

Modern construction always means optimizing energy use at the same time. In addition to insulating materials, films play a key role as membranes, for example, or as airtight layers. With our masterbatches, you give your products the correct properties profile and optimize your profitability.

Fire protection shouldn’t leave you cold

Fire protection is one of the requirements most frequently demanded of construction materials. Whether for films, window profiles or piping – strict fire protection regulations apply to all construction materials. Our experts will be only too pleased to meet you for a personal discussion on how to achieve effective fire protection with LUVOBATCH® masterbatches from Lehmann&Voss&Co. and also protect plastics against premature ageing with stabilizers.

Functional films for the construction industry

Even if you are unable to see them, functional films surround us in every living space and office room. How to produce impact sound insulation, parquet underlay, insulation sheeting, construction sheeting, vapour retarders and equip them with the desired product properties is your core expertise. We will be delighted to help you to further optimize your products in terms of their functional and economic aspects.