High-grade agricultural films

Films for use in the agricultural sector are subject to very special requirements – particularly in terms of heat regulation and UV protection, durability and compostability. Correct regulation of heat input and UV radiation for plants is crucial for growth and the ripening process.

Versatile applications

LUVOBATCH® supplies masterbatches with all the functionalities required for agricultural applications – as individual additives yet also in combined packages. Our batches with UV stabilization help you to produce high-quality sheeting that can, for example, be used on asparagus fields or employed as special plastic foil roofing for greenhouses (low-cost substitute for glass).

One further application for agricultural films is the packaging of silage with bale wrapping machinery. Packaging the straw for optimum fermentation places high demands on the stretch films employed. By using LUVOBATCH® masterbatches you can precisely adjust the UV protection as well as the permeability of water vapour and oxygen.

It’s all kept in the dark

In the storage of cereals, large sheets are used which protect the corn against birds and light, yet still ensure that an exchange of air and moisture takes place. We will be pleased to arrange a personal meeting with you to discuss how to meet these complex requirements reliably and cost-effectively with special masterbatches.